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This is the artefact(oid)

(Another slightly updated elderly posting which would seem to want to live out its limited readership on this blog.) I was trying to distinguish my various sites from each other using only the power of my feeble brain (which resembles … Continue reading

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As Mark Smith, the original Post-Nearly Man, asks, ‘Moderninity, what is it?’ Xenochronicity is a term derived from two sources – Zappa’s xenochrony and Jung’s synchronicity. Definitions, gentlemen, please: ‘In this technique, various tracks from unrelated sources are randomly synchronized with each … Continue reading

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ministrations, legions, loneliness

(This appeared in Poetry London in Spring 2006, and looks at Stewart Conn, David Harsent and Piotr Sommer.) These three poets, one Scots, one English, one Polish, respond in contrasting ways to their shared European context, its heritage and its … Continue reading

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